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Saturday, December 15, 2012

Day 113...Weigh In...

This morning I was so tired when my alarm went off, I really want to stay in bed.  I was up half the night checking my daughter's forehead for a fever...luckily she did not have any fevers during the night or when she woke up!  I think the antibiotics are kicking in and hope she will be back to 100% soon!

Even though I was super tired and really wanted to sleep, I got up, took a shower, got dressed, and was out the door.  It was super cold this morning...35 degrees.  I parked way down the street from the WW meeting and warmed up pretty quickly once I started walking. 

I was up 2 pounds.  I am actually surprised it wasn't more considering I didn't get as much activity as usual this week, I have not been sleeping well, and Thursday and Friday were both non-tracking willy-nilly days.  As I was walking back from the meeting, I started thinking about Thursday and Friday.  I know I was super past the point of exhaustion, but I wonder if some of my behavior was also due to being "so good" during the weekend.  I am going to try taking this weekend off from tracking and then get back to it come Monday.  I do not have holiday parties, or really any festivities to attend over the holidays, so I should be able to relax a bit over the weekends and then get back to work during the week.  I will see how it goes this week and then decide if a new plan of action is needed.

My hubby and I went to get our Christmas tree is over 7ft tall and only cost $ 25...woo hoo Home Depot!  The kids and I worked on decorating the tree and the living room, then they helped each other put up the train.  It is now 4:30pm and my shoulder and arm are out of whack.  My husband is at his cousin's with his mom so I think I will take this opportunity to hop in bed and watch some nothingness on TV.  I have already reached 100% on my ActiveLink so I think I should be able to take a rest.  So far for the month of December I am 13 for 15 reaching 100%...not too bad!

My eating has not been perfect today, but has not been out of control either.

Day 113...Success +/-.

Onto Day 114...

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