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Monday, December 10, 2012

Day 108...

Instead of my walk this morning I went back to Target first thing to finish up Christmas shopping.  I walked around the store for a good hour and a half.  By then I ws hungry so I had a 1/2 bag of popcorn and a Diet Pepsi...hit the spot I tracked it so I am good!   

When I got home I hung out with my mom a bit and worked on Christmas crafts.  My dad's physical therapy appointment was too long...alot of talking and a preliminary evaluation.  He was arguing a bit, and it was what it was.

My daughter's school called about an hour before school was out.  She had a headache so I brought her home.  I looked up the side effects for the cough medicine and since it has codeine, one of the side effects is a headache.  I decided not to give her any more and see how she feels in the morning.

My eats today were pretty good.  Once again I tracked EVERYTHING!  I did have an extra snack in the afternoon, but compensated at dinner by just have a bit of the beef, onions, broccoli, and pan sauce I Mac & Cheese or ice cream...success!  There were a few times during the day, especially after the session with the physical therpist, that I wanted to eat just to eat but I didn't...another success!

I ended up using 5 of my weeklies and still have 31 left...woo hoo!  So far I have earned 3pp and reached 97%...I will get to 100% before I go to bed!

Taking it one day at a time!

Day 108...Success!

Onto Day 109...

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