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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Day 104...

Another busy one...

Took the kids to school.

Went for a 3 mile walk.

Stopped in the grocery for a banana and water.

Got my nails filled.

Ran to the scrapbook store to use their die cuts to prepare for Christmas gifts.

Went to Joanns to look for a paper cutter for my luck.

Ran into Target for 1/2 bag of popcorn and a Diet Pepsi to hold me over until I got home for lunch.

Came home to my mom crying because she couldn't find her pills and anticipating my dad's homecoming tomorrow.

Helped her and adjusted the alarm on my phone for the rest of the day's pills.

Made lunch for my mom and I. 

Ate lunch.

Ate something else.

Ate something else.


Picked up the girl from school.

Are something.

Picked up the boy from school.

Visited my dad and took him his newspaper, cookies, and coffee from McDonald's.

Did not eat a cookie...or anything else from McDonalds.

Drank my water in the car.

Met my husband at Home Depot to buy a new door for my dad's room.

Came home and made dinner.

Did the dishes.

Helped the girl with homework.

Helped the hubby with the door.

On my way to rinse soap out of my daughter's hair, cook my hubby's dinner, watch our show, do some laundry, and finally hit the sack.

Today was a long, busy, eaty day.  Tomorrow will be long and busy and I hope not too eaty.

I know I am the one who decides what, and how much, goes into my mouth, but sometimes my thinking is consumed by too many other thoughts.

Day 104...Activity - good...already earned 9pp!  Food - Fail!

Onto Day 105...

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